Stalker Online BigWorld Technology 2011

This is an RPG-Action MMO with elements of Survival with views from the 3rd and 1st person and has no relation to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. The game world is a near future (2015-2020 year) where there was an accident of unknown origin resulting in the world, a number of so-called anomalous zones, with modified laws of nature. There are a variety of abnormal activities, there are strange objects with unexplored properties, called artifacts, and all living things under the influence of the zone change, mutate and pose a serious threat to humans. Occurrences of anomalous zones of the country are linked with pre-existing natural / magnetic anomalies and high-tech human activities. In the field of anomalous zones are often found different laboratories, research institutes, etc., which studied the problems of biology, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, and you often find military targets. The player is in general a stalker - someone who went to the anomalous zone with the aim of finding and selling artifacts due to the powerful influence and unexplored properties are highly valued in the world outside the zones. With the money he buys a new, better equipment and can penetrate deep into the Zone in search of more valuable items. Character skill leveling allows you to modify and develop your character in different ways and requires the exercise of conscious gaming activity. Develop a system of socialization of the players in-game factions of stalkers get new gaming experience inaccessible to players. There's the ability to equip the base factions of stalkers to build defensive structures, develop facilities, etc. The player can choose a preferred style of play PvP, PvE, crafting, Survival, trade, etc. An important element of the gameplay is the study of the game world, and possession of exclusive information. In 2014, an English version was released.
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English Alpha Client (uploaded by Official Site)

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