Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness Ubisoft 2018

This is the first expansion for the first-person shooter game Far Cry 5 and you play as the original game's story character Wendell "Red" Redler. As per the series' tradition, the DLC features a completely different setting and atmosphere from the base game. Hours of Darkness is set during the Vietnam War. Behind the enemy lines, you have to face the overwhelming forces of your foes. Follow Red as he finds and rescues his squadmates in the jungle as he fights against NVA and VC soldiers. It's playable solo or in co-op, just like the main game, and it also includes "new gear and abilities." There are also two new modes that you unlock after completing the story, the first of which is Survivor Mode. As its name suggests, this is a more challenging mode that limits your loadout. The other mode is Action Movie Mode, which is basically the opposite, as it gives you a "generous" loadout for more action. On top of the Hours of Darkness expansion itself, all Far Cry 5 players - whether or not they buy the add-on - are getting new Vietnam-themed content for the Far Cry Arcade. These assets can be used for any maps you make using the Arcade tools. It's also included with the game's $30 Season Pass and $90 Gold Edition.
Download: None currently available

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