SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle Sierra Studios / Sierra 1999

In the third edition of this tactical game, the developers ventured jumping into a 3D presentation. One leads and is a member in the police troop SWAT. At beginning of the missions one can select from different primary and secondary weapons. However, on the mission one also takes some practical equipment, like a mirror to be able to peer with carefully in spaces or around corners and to be able to find out enemy positions. There are also gas and shock grenades and handcuffs (if you forget to put the criminals in them, they become active enemies again). One works in the team and is supported rather usefully by his colleagues and can also give orders to the teams. The missions take place in different, very detailed surroundings. A church is represented, as are normal houses, urban alleys and also a rich hotel. A lot of importance was attached to the realism in the many settings. One does not see constantly recurring patterns, but all spaces differ not only in their construction, but also differentating the different scenes clearly from each other. Also the designers minded the fact that different building materials react differently to bombardment. In the missions the hostages and gangsters are to be found with every new start in different positions which makes repeated playing through interesting. Whoever loves tactics and 3D, is here absolutely at the right address. SWAT 3 is a bit more suitable for those more patient in nature though. The Elite Edition (2000) updates with new multiplayer modes, new missions and a mission editor. Everything, however, is also available free of charge as a downloadable patch. The Tactical Game Of The Year version (2001) also contained an Advanced Tactics CD which has educational videos shot on location at the famous Blackwater Training Center with commentary provided by actual SWAT officers.
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Singleplayer Demo ~44MB ( @ Download.com)
/ Elite Edition
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Elite Edition Demo ~83MB v1.1 demo patch ~1MB ( @ Download.com)
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Demo#1 44MB / Game of the Year Demo ~96MB ( @ FilePlanet)
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Full Demo 126.8MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Fan-Made Missions
Police Quest - SWAT Generation 6CD ISO Demo 2.84GB (upped by Egon68) *includes Police Quest Swat, Swat 2, Swat 3 CQB: Elite Edition
Elite Edition Clone ISO Demo ~719MB (upped by Meddle) *scene release
Elite Edition Clone ISO Demo ~680MB (upped by Egon68)
Close Quarters Battle ISO Demo ~667MB (Upload by Egon68)
Tactical Game of the Year Edition - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.32 993MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Tactical Game of the Year Edition - 2CD ISO Demo 1.24GB (uploaded by reynolds)

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