Cambria Sword Vagues Games 2016

This is a horizontally scrolling shooter arcade game that takes place during Paleozoic Era. The main protagonist is a Saratrocercus Oblita who lives happily in a deep ocean. Suddenly, alien red spheres from space entering the sea and giving sea creatures powers. The natural predator of Saratrocercus mortally wound the protagonist. On the verge of death, alien blue spheres appear and give it power. And so the rescue journey begins. The player has three attacks: a main weapon, secondary weapon and force bomb. There are many weapon options - about 100 - if the player manages to find them entirely. It's notable for its very long stages as well as a lot of boss fight. There are ten primary stages and three hidden stages which can be unlocked only if the player meets certain conditions. Heavily inspired by Genesis/Megadrive game Bio Hazard Battle, CS is a slower-paced, more technical shmup, with a focus on long, involved boss fights and careful use of a vast, complex arsenal. While visually retro, the soundtrack is live garage prog-metal befitting the high-concept stoner sci-fi setting. It's also enormous by genre standards. While your average arcade shmup is 20-30 minutes long, a complete playthrough of this clocks in at 3+ hours. A gruelling, marathon feat made possible for mere mortal bullet-dodgers via the option to begin repeat playthroughs from later in the game.
Level Demo 114MB (uploaded by DLsite)
Japanese Full Demo 341MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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