Viper X-ample Architectures, Piko Interactive / Throwback Entertainment 2019

Power your Viper Attack Helicopter into level after level of kinetically charged 3D arcade action, armed with all the raw firepower you’ll ever need in an unrelenting battle against an alien invasion. This was initially a follow-up to the game Tunnel B1 released on Playstation in 1998 and is a fast-paced non-stop shoot 'em up action game. You fly through the levels with your chopper on a pre-set route with only a few junctions where you may choose the path to go; the entire screen will (especially in the later levels) be filled with bullets and explosions. Lots of add-on weapons may be picked up to improve your firepower. Features: Fast paced arcade action; Collect weapon types and power ups along the way; Fight through waves of enemies to save humanity from an alien invasion.
Download: None currently available

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