Hunting Game, The Magellan Systems Corporation 1997

Have fun & learn as you hunt mule deer, elk, whitetail deer, turkey and waterfowl. Earn bucks in the shooting gallery while you refine your game skills. Go to the Tips Den in the Hunting Tips Lodge and earn more bucks. There you will get valuable tips about how to play the game and get information you can use in real life. Don't forget to visit Granny's kitchen. She will give you some great wild game recipes. When you ahve enough bucks, go buy the equipment you need in the Sport Shop. Rememer, to be successful you need all the right equipment to get you there and back again and to keep you warm, safe, and legal. Know the rules, and don't break the law or you might end up in jail and find yourself starting over. Search for the secrets to make The Hunting Game last forever.
ISO Demo v1.02 533MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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