Brave Alchemist Xing Interactive 2008

This is a 3D action-packed arcade shooting game. An old alchemist who spent a lot of time learning of old scrolls is attacked by evil supernatural forces. The alchemist's single aim is to defend his residence against coming destruction. All kinds of undead, beasts and monsters will try to kill the brave alchemist. He will have to use different magic spells like fireballs and lightning to defeat devilish troops. Defeated enemies will leave useful power-ups which will help the alchemist to become a more powerful opponent. Elixirs – give life or magic power. Angel – give +1 Life (but no more than 5). Scroll – give a new spell. Traps (in the golden frame) – cause ice rain, explosion, meteorite or power that will throw enemies near you up high. Auras (in the transparent sphere) – give you new abilities for some time, such as running and attacking faster, homing shells, two flows of shells for some spells, a fatal glance, etc. To pick up a bonus, you should run up to it. If you do not pick them up, they disappear after some time.
Free Game 47MB (uploaded by GameForLaptop)

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