TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter DreamForge / ASC Games 1998

TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter features some impressive options, graphics and gameplay elements, is more of a shooting game than a hunting simulation, and uses the Unreal Engine. There are nine species in all, including white tail deer, elk, ducks, rabbits, and turkeys to name just a few. All of these animals may be hunted in four different U.S. locations, ranging from the rocky terrain of the southwest to the flat open fields of the southeast. These locations can be hunted during the spring, fall, and winter, and the different seasons basically change look of the environment. The game features eleven different weapons to choose from. Most notable are the .30/06 deer rifle, 12-gauge bolt action shotgun, and .338 bolt action deer rifle. For an added challenge the designers have added what they call "prestige weapons," such as a .357 magnum pistol, longbow, compound bow, and muzzleloader. These weapons require that you are not only a sure shot but also that you can get close enough to the animals without spooking them. The game also has a ton of different gear that you can choose to take with you on your hunts like cover scents, gloves, temperature aids, and even hunting dogs. These items when used correctly actually aid in attracting game and cloaking your presence. Plus they're just kind of fun to fool with. Multiplayer for 2-4 people is available over a LAN or through
ISO Demo+Updates 287MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo ~251MB (upped by Virgil)

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