Blink: Rogues Fox Dive Studio 2018

Early Access Release This is a mash up between classic Shmup games and arena fighting games. Everything is merged in an action packed, winner takes it all scenario that allows you to either enjoy a Single Player Campaign or measure your skills against other players in PvP fights. Blink remains loyal to the top down vertical scroller genre, but pursues innovation through direct PVP mechanics, enabling you to jump into your opponent's screen and chase down a proper frag. This is enabled through a local Split Screen experience joined by a Leaderboard system that allows you to see how you stand against worldwide competition. Story Mode - The journey will take you through four different chapters (10 at release), each filled with unique events that will have you ramming through hand crafted enemy formations. Every aspect of the mission will be expanded through Memento Cubes, special units of storage that are scattered around the missions and can be gathered either by storming special structures on the map or by collecting drops. You will be able to complete the story mode either by flying alongside your in-game crew buddies, or by having one friend join you on the battlefield through COOP (available at release) - the choice is yours. Player versus player mode will allow for a mix of sharp reflexes and strategic planning. A duel will engage the players in a 5 minute split-screen PVP match, granting victory to whomever earns most points by the end of that time. Points can be earned either by shooting down enemy ships or by chasing a frag in your opponent's screen. During the five minute match you will have a randomized variety of enemy formations, equal in number of points but always different. For the moment, the game has local split-screen PvP implemented, however, we aim at delivering an online PVP experience at launch.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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