Galactic Battle 5 Union Software Group 2000

The most complex plot-free (which is great) space vertical shmup from this Spanish developer of extra-budgetary arcade games exclusively for the domestic market, which did not refuse MS-DOS until 2001 inclusive. The formal essence, of course, is extremely simple - control the ship, which flies forward, and shoot at enemies. However, the maneuvering places are catastrophically low — the side of the screen is covered with asteroids, the projections of which are dangerous — more precisely, deadly — are no less than the shots that have reached their goal at us from the sides of enemy ships or collisions with these crockery: all this leads to instantaneous the death of the "protagonist", so believe that the seemingly relatively high (especially for the Spanish game) number of "lives" will most likely be spent very quickly; by the way, the ship is reborn after the explosion at the beginning of the level, and not at the point of its demise. Opponents are represented by other ships of various types ("shapes, sizes and colors"), attacking different (in appearance and power) ammunition. These "creatures" are quite strong - even the weakest, in contrast to our "dohlyak", withstand several hits - as well as the brisk, so they do not at all try to fit under your fire; They also often release their charges in flight on a very cunning "zigzag" trajectory. Some bonuses (including additional weapons or something that will increase the score on points) will be, but they still have to reach. The graphics for 2000 can probably be called “incredibly outdated”, but for “DOS-games out of time and space”, which are all of the specified developer’s products, it is quite good: the sprites are large and clearly traced, there are nice looking effects (let and minimalistic) and even some kind of background: the same nebula periodically appearing - as well as, oddly enough, speckles-stars, which surround everything around (in many similar games from this company and this is not provided).
Spanish ISO Demo 6MB (uploaded by

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