Inspace 2980 R_Games 2018

This is a stylish and dynamic SHMUP from the 16-bit era of games consoles and arcade machines. Take part in an exciting adventure and save the galaxy - Once again. Dynamic battles - The endless stream of various enemies won’t let you rest until the very end of the battle. Upgrades and power-ups - Ten characteristics of the ship, which can be improved, as well as many power-ups that will enable you to deal more effectively with hordes of enemies. Support drones - Drones will help you survive even the fiercest battles. They will repair your ship or help you destroy the enemy. With the help of special abilities, you will be able to handle even the most difficult tasks. Various kinds of weapons - Missiles, laser beams, electric discharges, plasma guns. You'll find a strategy for any enemy. Different enemies and bosses - A large number of different enemy units, with different appearances and behavior.
Download: None currently available

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