Gamer Sensei's Range Royale Gamer Sensei 2018

Early Access Release Enter your personal practice arena - a solo experience designed to challenge your shooting skills while testing and improving reflexes. It's designed by the esports professionals at Gamer Sensei to help you win more in any game where shooting skill matters. Early Access Edition Includes 5 Game Modes. Practice at the Target Range - Improve your accuracy, timing, and target-to-target transition in this classic shooting range mode. Center-mass bullseyes and headshots give more points. Rounds are timed and scored to provide feedback on your accuracy. Speed Your Way to Success - Nail as many disc targets as you can. Miss? Round's over. Take too long? Round's over. Run out of time? Round's over. This mode is an unforgiving test of your rapid-fire shooting skills, trigger control, and target recognition speed. Get good on this and Battle Royale firefights will be your oyster. Get Good Against Bots - A series of automated opponents spawn across the range, increasing the challenge level. To help you map this to your favorite BR game, these bots engage in realistic enemy behaviors, including, dodging, taking advantage of cover, and firing back. Get good at focusing your fire on armored opponents so you’ll be ready for your next final-10 firefight. Zombie attack mode - Vulnerable only to headshots, wave after wave of Zombie opponents swarm your position. Defeat as many as you can before they reach out and touch you. This mode combines rapidly increasing enemy spawns with limited target zones to put even the most elite skills to the test. Death from a Distance - Take on pop-up targets and roving AI as you work on your long-distance shooting skills on our Sniper Range. Learn to place your shots on moving, dodging targets at multiple distances and difficulties. Next time you find that great scope be confident that you can reach out and touch someone no matter how far away. Weapons: M9 Pistol, M416, Micro-Uzi, SKS, Kar98k. Weapon Attachments: Iron Sights, Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, 2x Scope, 4x Scope, 8x Scope. Ammo Modes: Unlimited Ammo (available in Target and Speed Shooter modes); Extended Mag; Standard Mag. Upcoming Features: Armed Assault - Work on your close-quarters chops in this specially-designed range that simulates common in-game battle scenarios. Be prepared next time you turn a corner into enemy fire. We’ll be adding more weapons, scopes, and mods over time as part of weapons packs. Some will be included in the core Range Royale bundle while others may be separate purchases.
Download: None currently available

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