Sensory Overload [MAC] Reality Bytes 1994

First person action in this MAC exclusive early 3D FPS. Shoot down bad guys, pick up key cards, med kits and different types of guns. Solid looking graphics and smooth game play. The developer later went on to make Havoc and Dark Vengeance. The main character wakes up in a building that looks like an office building, around him there is a large number of bloody dead bodies. There is nothing to defend against possible threats; what has happened is unclear, and most importantly, he doesn’t remember anything and has no idea where he is. Almost immediately a weapon will appear and you can also use your fists, and with it the first enemies. Over time, what is happening will begin to clear up a bit - we will learn about Dr. Kraven, who wished to capture the whole world with a gang of henchmen. Low and pressing ceilings, on the strength of timid (if existing at all) "swing" at 2.5D, minimalist - almost like in Wolfenstein 3D- environment ... Even the weapons on the floor are not visible: you are only told in text form that you have found and taken it; well at least that it is displayed in the hand. Enemies are not particularly diverse - at least at the beginning (soldiers in armor, ninjas, and so on), but rather strong (even if they are killed even with their bare hands) and merciless; the life of the main character is very small, and the first-aid kits are far from every corner, so it’s more than real to die here. But what is already really interesting is the presence of various useful items or the possibility of simultaneous attacks in different ways: for example, you can run up to an enemy and shoot him point-blank - and simultaneously beat him with your fist with your free hand, as a result of which the unfortunate die much faster; it is clear that, to put it mildly, not too realistic - but it’s curious and not seen in every shooter. By the way, the maze-type level planning is relatively confusing (which was the norm for those times, and for players in old games - only a plus) - but there is an option to call the automap.
MAC Floppy Images ISO Demo 3.92MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)

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