Dotechin JMG 2008

This horizontally scrolling shooter from the land of the samurai is simply a concentrate of explosive action as rarely seen before. Perhaps we could approach it with Smash TV in the most difficult moments but objectively here is much worse. The toughest shooter bases their difficulty on the technique of throwing hundreds of shots fired by the enemies against the player. The best players know how to avoid them and continue in levels by performing evasive maneuvers worthy of a typist forced to write using only the cursor keys. In this game the shots of the memes to avoid have been replaced by the enemies themselves. We are in the middle of an alien invasion of the earth caused by an army of robots. All continents are affected at the same time. The problem is that the invaders are so many that practically the terrestrial skies are filled with black spots that would make the most swarm of bees pale. But the resistance is with you. So on board a small robot reprogrammed to be at your service you will leave on a suicide mission with the sole purpose of destroying as much as possible. Your screen will literally fill up with objects and explosions. You will move with the cursor keys, then use X to shoot and Z to use special attacks when they are available. Pressing SHIFT will perform a rapid acceleration useful to avoid the agglomerations of overly bulky enemy robots. A game difficult but not impossible, however, also because your robot has a considerable resistance to shocks and you will be given the opportunity to continue but not to save the game. Graphically it is exceptional, although there are many objects on the screen, you do not notice any slowdown. The design is well-kept and the explosive effects will be the master for the duration of the game.
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