Arydox: Project Golden Hawk Pixel 5 Studio 2004

Missing a quality vertical scrolling shoot 'em up since the old days? Are you a SHMUP freak and can not find any game of your favorite genre? Just want to shoot hordes of alien spaceships rampaging on your screen and survive the fights against huge bosses? Then ARYDOX is your game. Jump into your high-tech spaceship codenamed Golden Hawk and pilot it through a challenging universe where only the strongests survive. This game is a 2D vertically scrolling top-down view retro style space shooter, similar to Raptor, Tyrian and the AMIGA classic SWIV, featuring high quality graphics, CD quality music and 18 levels of adrenaline pumping action. Features: three totally different races of enemies; big boss at the end of every episode (one for each races); minibosses at the end of every level; 18 different levels (from easier to harder, space and surface missions); 31 different types of enemies; nine different weapon types to upgrade your ship's firepower to the max; shields, bonus points, bonus lives, kill-all bonuses.
Full Demo 17MB (uploaded by roioros)

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