BaboViolent 2 RndLabs / bitHeads inc. 2006

This is a freeware multiplayer 3D top-down shooter. The player controls a heavily armed sphere with customizable skin color and texture, known as a Babo. The game is played over the Internet or a LAN. There are a variety of game modes to choose from, ranging from the free-for-all (Deathmatch) to the team-based (Capture the Flag). In some modes holding or defending a flag is the primary goal, where in others it is simply to obtain the most frags. For all game modes, the basic objective is to kill enemy players. Before spawning, the player is presented with a large arsenal of weapons to choose from. A few grenades and a molotov cocktail are also supplied by default and more grenades can be picked up from the ground. Some servers enable secondary functions like knives, shields or nuclear kamikaze attacks. Upon death players leave behind a health pack for healing injury, the weapon and any equipped grenades for others to pick up. After waiting for a server-specified amount of time (usually less than five seconds), players respawn and may choose another weapon - this cycle repeats for the duration of the map. After a certain allotted time (usually 15 minutes), the map changes and scores are reset as players continue in another round. Players can chat with each other throughout matches (and to their own teams, for cooperative team-based game modes). A commercial sequel, Madballs in Babo: Invasion, came out in 2009.
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