Super Ledgehop: Double Laser LAME Dimension 2018

Ever came in a situation where you had a chance to become a cute anime girl, but for some reason thugs wanted to blast you into smithereens and the government is so corrupt that they're sending out their top tier dudes after you instead of the thugs? Well, in this game, that's exactly what you're getting. Experience the life of Chizuru, an colorblind orphan who for some reason can only see four specific colors. Help her find her big bro, who happens to be the senator as well. But be careful, because their government is crazy nuts right now. Use your knowledge from rhythm games and bullet hell games to create a barrage of bullets to your enemies while shooting to the beat of the background music. Become the better thug by stealing your opponent's bullets through waveshines. Blast those cheese heads with their own bullets and show them what's up. Features: Play a cute anime girl named Chizuru; Experience a non-accurate depiction of being a colorblind person that can only specifically see four colors; Freshly baked original soundtrack with lots of songs to shoot along the beat with; SUPER COOL UNCLE HYPE THAT TEACHES YOU EVERYTHING; Learn how to waveshine and absorb bullets with your super cool uncle; MULTIPLE BULLET TYPES TO ABSORB FROM THUGS; Get the chance to become friends with a thug; But get a cooler chance to experience having a senator as your big bro; YUUTO ICHIKA; Chizuru is cute but Yuuto Ichika is the best, top tier girl; EXPERIENCE EATING CHEESE FROM TRASH CANS TO RESTORE HP; TWO FINAL BOSSES AND A SUPERBOSS?
Download: None currently available

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