SCP: Derelict - SciFi First Person Shooter JEPR DEV 2018

Early Access Release A massive SCP Foundation Space Station was found after 20 years of being lost, your mission is to walk among the infested interior in order to carry out your mission. Dangers beyond Keter-Class lurk in the shadows, you will most likely die. Your Codename from now on will be Talos and your mission is quite simple, get to the station’s control center by any means necessary, collect all the data from its database and “contain” the station (instructions will be given via better encrypted channels once you’re at the station). This space station is HUGE, capable of housing all sorts of labs and facilities within it, the station’s labs are divided in 4 sectors, and each sector contains huge artificial landscapes on floating chunks of rock called “Nodes”, these nodes are grouped together by SCP’s dangerous nature, these groups are called “Clusters”, there are 2 clusters in each sector, and each sector containing 2 SCPs, the two most dangerous ones are safely located in the central Sector 5, buried within the station, safely isolated from everything and everyone. Some of the nodes are off limits and are the containment location for an SCP, a place that has been prepared just for that SCP in both environment and structures to resemble its former habitat but being safely secured with all the necessary safety measures. This station does NOT contain any SCP below Keter classification, this is the reason why everyone panicked when it went missing, so do not expect a walk in the park when you’re deployed, you may be a super solder but you will definitely die if you’re not careful enough, I trust you will know when to shoot your way through or run and hide. There are 10 different SCPs contained in this facility, although that number seems low, these were handpicked as the most dangerous Keter and above classes to be found across the known galaxy, they are NOT to be taken lightly, some of them are less dangerous than others but they are all deadly and, if they were to escape, they might spread across the station. This game is a SciFi/Horror First Person Shooter with a rather retro feel to its design and mechanics, heavily inspired by games from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the final version of the game will eventually contain 4 main game modes: Single Player Campaign, Multiplayer, Survival Mode, Shoot ‘Em All. The initial release will just have Survival Mode with experimental, replaceable maps, and a Demo non-canon map for the Campaign. Once multiplayer mode is released it’s going to have the following game modes: Free-For-All Shooter, Capture the Flag. Potential Multiplayer Gametypes if multiplayer succeeds: King of the Hill, Co-op Survival Mode.
Download: None currently available

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