Galactic Firestorm Xavier Lebec 2007

This is a vertical scrolling shooter created with Game Maker that perhaps will not surprise us with special psychedelic effects but that is able to offer a good level of challenge and great playability. The sprites created by the author are not particularly elaborate but flow fluids in a two-dimensional environment where the enemy hordes will not give us respite. Fortunately it is not the classic shooter where it is impossible to resist: the author has calibrated the level of difficulty very well making the game challenging but never frustrating. New and devastating weapons will soon be added to the laser beam of the first level. Our shuttle will be controlled by the cursor keys while we will direct the powerful laser against the enemies by pressing C. The X key will be used to switch from one weapon to another while with Z we will launch bombs to the ground. The game supports fullscreen mode by pressing the F4 key and you can choose between three levels of difficulty.
Free Game 4MB (uploaded by Acid Productions)

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