Pandamonia Running Hoffman 2019

Pandamonia was once a beautiful and rich place, where panda babies thrive. But with one day, the massive invasion of the real estates speculators destroyed the tranquility here. These bastards drove and slaughtered the aborigines here on the planet, forcing them to go nowhere. From now on, pick up the weapons in your hands and resist these arrogant and unreasonable aggressors. Slay them all! Tear their bodies apart into gibs and gores. Liberate this lovely homeland. Features: 1.Simple weapon system - switch your guns fast and easily; 2.Simple purchasing system - the arm Shop is mobile and multiple destructive weapon choices; 3.Funny Enemies and Boss - the enemies are funny-looking and ridiculous dressing; 4.Outstanding physical effects - fierce gunshot impacts, tear any types of enemies apart into pieces; 5.Funny Weapons - such as shit grenade, shit cannon etc.; 6.Large amount of enemies to kill - almost thousand of enemies in every level game play for you to slay. The early access full story mode is 30 days. 15 days level gameplay have been finished while Episode 2 and more stories will be released in the coming version.
Download: None currently available

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