Spuds Unearthed Gamedust Sp. z o.o. 2019

Early Access Release Have you ever made a pump flamethrower, commanded the army of potatoes, and conquered the planets in VR? If your answer is no, it’s finally time to change this. Jump into Spud’s Universe where mayhem is never-ending. Use your strategic thinking and specialize your crew by assigning them different classes, create frontline by sending vehicles and robots, produce bizarre turrets with cranks, springs, and everything you can imagine. You are an A.I. Hands system - a standard equipment of Spud's Baseship, with a new directive programmed by the Spuds Scientists - Conquer the Galaxy and help Spuds to continue their frantic fight. During your adventures, you will fight zombie Spuds that infested planets and compete with other Players Spuds squads in the asynchronous multiplayer world. Your quest can be executed by doing several activities: Specializing your crew by assigning them different classes; Sending them to a battlefield with a guidance of vehicles and Goonbots; Producing various turrets types which help you directly fight your enemies. All actions will cost you the Playdust - the main currency in the game that powers the whole Home Planet - your headquarters and with the Tokens - blueprints that can be thrown into different buildings to produce new equipment for conquers. Turn on your VR and get ready to fight.
Download: None currently available

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