Dark Ore (cancelled) RayLogic Software 2004

This game was based on the concept of an old, but quite interesting strategy game Earth Orbit Stations (1987, Electronic Arts) and moved to 3D, also added to this the ability to fight with ships and the economy of the mining company. A small space station is where you start a big deal. After all, it has long been known that the extraction of another fictional "Tiberium" or "Anabtanium" among asteroid fields is a very profitable business. You are the head of a small business located somewhere in the asteroid belt. Start a business with just a few million dollars in the account. While at your disposal there is a fueled combat fighter (it's waiting at the station in the hangar) and a spacesuit with a backpack engine. According to the plan of developers, gradually the design of your space base needed to be expanded. At the ends of the long masts extending from the station, flashing red arrows are shown. This is where you must dock new modules, which will be acquired at the expense of the profit gained and which always appear on sale (F6 key). Usually it will be additional tanks, security guns and other equipment. Just move the cursor to the joint (joint) and press the left mouse button - a huge steel structure will appear as if from nowhere in the blink of an eye. That is how you will increase your station. Periodically, via video link, reports from the second employee (your assistant) appear. Automatic collectors of ore (green indicator on HUD) and pirate ships (red indicator) are constantly flying past, and they are shooting at the ore carriers, then at your station. After all, in the space “wilderness” full of valuable resources, there will always be those who want an easy money using the most effective methods of unfair competition. As already mentioned, in the hangar waiting for you fighter model “Ranger”. Management is extremely simple: movement on the main coordinates and turns. Your fighting machine can even be broken and lost. From the collisions or hits pirate shots on the windshield formed terrible cracks. In the demo, the combat mode of the fighter is implemented extremely simply: choose the type of armament of your vehicle and open fire on the flying pirates. They appear with a flash from nowhere and after a while disappear in the same way - with a flash to nowhere (if you don’t find them). On board there are weapons of various types, but it is difficult to guess about their principle of operation. Perhaps, the full implementation of the "guns" is not reached. Initially, only dual space machine guns and something less powerful, firing electrical discharges, work in the demonstration. In the announcements it was reported that you could interact with competitors, as well as pay mercenaries for the provision of station security services. And quite in the spirit of the developed market it was promised that even after the complete destruction of the station or the ruin, you will be able to reopen the difficult case of mining ore in space with borrowed funds. The graphics are nice. Home-grown engine shows an unusually beautiful space views, and the shading of polygons is also implemented. Nebulae, stars on a beautiful background - all this is obliged to decorate any cosmos. Objects (assembly ships and asteroids) are fairly well textured. The dashboard (albeit static) in your fighter is made just for "excellent." The idea of ​​the game is good, but the project was canceled to a fairly high degree of completion. There exist several demos of different stages of development. The latest version is version 3.0 with a trial limit.
Level Demo v3.0 27MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Full Demo (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 29MB

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