Impact Neurotech Software 1995

A beautiful, but unfortunately, almost unknown action-platformer. We play as a strange-looking hero - a long-haired, battered-looking man who most resembles a stereotypical monster hunter. He is armed with a futuristic gunshot and a weapon (at the start of the game - a kind of blaster), but the world in which he is going to act is not very similar to either futuristic or fantasy: these are some rocks with rare trees and protrusions, where the main enemies are giant spiders, flying insects and other similar creatures, although from a certain point there will be unusual wizards. It will probably be fair to say that this game does not make any revolution in the genre, because everything is fairly standard: run and jump, shoot, eventually find a much more powerful weapon, periodically collect bonuses (for example, the bonus in the form of the letter "E" restores significant the amount of health - the hero himself, fortunately, does not die at all from one blow, there are many other utilities - say, temporary invulnerability). Among the peculiarities, we can only note that we should climb and descend along all sorts of flimsy ladders at least here than jump (although there will be enough jumps, including, for example, endangered platforms). The hero’s initial ammunition seems to be infinite (but his subsequent views are by no means), and he can shoot not only to the sides, but also upwards, and also at that moment. The main advantage of Impact is, of course, absolutely magnificent drawn graphics - as applied to backgrounds and their detailing (although there is little variety, but you can’t call it a disadvantage), or in relation to the display of the hero and his opponents. The game is very rare, so for most fans of combat platformer will certainly be a great and unexpected gift and discovery.
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