Ambush in Sector 9 Pug Fugly Games 2005

This is like one those quarter swallowing arcade games. You are a space pilot in the middle of the void just a cruising along, and next thing you know BAM! AMBUSH! You control your ship with the arrow keys to move around the level, and you use the 1 and 2 keys to rotate your ship. This gives the shooting action a level of control that the old school shooter seldom did. Similar to Time Pilot, the enemy attacks from all directions in increasing, larger, harder-to-stop waves. The ship is constantly firing which allows you just concentrate on your firing. How do you survive through the ambush? Well, don't. How do you get to stand a chance of lasting more than five seconds? This game has some of the coolest power ups that you have seen in a while. They range from a laser cannon that aims for you to a spreading weapon that circles and swirls across the screen. There are so many little weapons to get that you find yourself giggling in evil glee when you see your fave power up bounce across the screen. The game play is smooth as buttery silk.
Free Game 1.09MB (uploaded by DemoNews)

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