Crome: Before Purgatory Stumphead Games 2019

Inspired by the heyday of 8-bit arcade gaming, this is an intense space shoot em' up experience. Play as the Galactic Consul's best star pilot, Crome, and fend off endless hoards of invaders and the mysterious force known as the "Death Comet" while competing for the top score on the global leaderboard. Prequel to the much anticipated Super Crome (early access in 2019). OST all done by Jordan Dube. Features: 9 uniquely handcrafted enemies; Dynamic waves to ensure a fresh and challenging experience; An ever changing boss fight. The "Death Comet" grows stronger and acquires new attacks every time you fight them; Level up your ship with the more enemies you take down; Online leaderboard support; Achievement support.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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