Comet Crasher Mika Molenkamp 2019

This is a fast-paced platformer where you soar down an endless tunnel, while sowing as much chaos as you possibly can. The further you fall without standing still, the faster your points rack up. But there's a catch: the more speed you build, the faster the game moves and the harder the ball becomes to control. Easy to pick up, hard to master - Use the terrain and even your own bullets to manage your speed. Built for replayability - With procedurally generated levels, quick sessions and score-attack style gameplay, this feels like a true arcade. Crazy powerups to help you on the way down. From big lasers to triple shots and ridiculously fast rapid-fire, it's all there. Mix powerups together for even crazier effects. That laser with rapid-fire added on does exactly what you think it does. Compete on an online worldwide leaderboard. Beat your friends (and the rest of the world, while you're at it) to the top of the list. Did I mention explosions? This game was originally an entry for the 40th Ludum Dare game jam, where it was rated the 32nd most fun game of all 2890 submissions. Since then, tons of polish and new features have been added.
Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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