Zombie Killing Simulator Meka Games 2019

Early Access Release Kill zombies in dozens of different game modes. It can even be in space or roman colosseum. Or design your own levels in the game editor. The only important thing in this game, killing zombies is very satisfying. This is a action/simulation game. This game has a different gameplay for each game mode: Waves, Tower Defense, Top Down Shooter, Free Mode, Zombie Hunt, Chaos Mode, Funny Minigames. More game modes will be will developed with the help of the community. The goal is 10 zombie games in 1 game. Features: Different weapons, gameplays, models, goals and maps for each level; Level Editor (Save your level and share with Steam Community); Lifetime new game mode updates; Highly optimized and detailed gameplay; In-game self-improvement system; Customization settings; Impressive Graphics and Physics.
Download: None currently available

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