SkyGameChanger: AirCombat II Sonic-Alpha Team B / NS 2019

Shoot the missiles on the latest fighter plane, XF-98. This game is for those that enjoy aerial battles by riding the high durability air fighter XF - 98. For those who want to shoot a lot of missiles anyway, or drive a durable fighter aircraft, or enjoy battles in the air easily at cheap price. Familiarity is necessary for maneuvering with the mouse. We enhanced lateral movement so that players can easily operate with keyboard. Play a realistic flight shooter, enjoy a solid story, attack against ground targets and ships. Play a game with strategy and high quality graphics. Story - Advances in radar technology have made stealth fighters a normal fighter plane. Wilsword country developed the latest fighter XF-98. It is a fighter with high attack power and phenomenal durability. Due to the MD armor equipped with this fighter aircraft, radar performance has declined greatly. MD armor is an armor that weakens enemy missiles by irradiating missiles with high power laser and EMP. When the prototype was completed and trying a test flight, the Maxell federation began invading the ally Ulcafy. News coming in. Features: A total of 4 stages; When you shoot down all enemies the stage is over; Many ally fighters; More enemy fighters; More and more missiles. Fighter aircraft appearing in this game is set with fine mobility depending on the model. When you clear the stage, STEAM achievement that it cleared the stage is activated. The enemy may run away at the end of the stage, you need to find him and shoot down. All the music of the game is our composition. Aircraft appearing in the game: XF-98 (Fictitious fighter plane), The AH-64 helicopter, F-104, F-117, F-16, F-15, F-22, YF-22, Su-27, Su-34, PAKFA (Su-57), and B2 bomber.
Download: None currently available

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