Elders of Madness Miguel Ángel García Guerra 2015

This free game is the result of seven months of hard work in which, the development team, composed of 120 guys from secondary education and supported by great professionals of the sector, indies, famous youtubers, musicians and bloggers from the specialized press, has managed to develop a beautiful and exciting game. The goal was that students would be motivated and interested in the world of creation, graphic design, music creation and programming while put into practice all the theoretical contents they have been studying during the course in many subjects. Having virtually abandoned all hope, in the search of light, preserving sanity becomes every day increasingly difficult, because at the moment, hanging over me insane and ephemeral darkness. The primal gods want to destroy us, they, as eternal monsters have waited eons until deciding, finally, to fill our world with terror. I confess that It is increasingly milder the breath of my sanity. The relationship between evil and good makes no sense now, they are above these concepts. They are here to rule the cosmos with the help of their acolytes. Dark loneliness is imminent and it all goes away. The energy disappears, props fade... Sanity is the only thing that can hold on our hope. The only way to escape the terror, madness and death is to fight them. Fortunately, I have discovered that overcoming the trials that make us and getting the pearls that sponges loose retrieve a minimum of our mental health and cast us a slight light in this sea of dementia, allowing us to be sane enough to keep fighting and maybe, just maybe, there would be a possibility of getting hold our world as we have known until this moment
Free Game v8.1.0 11MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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