Quake 4: Facets of Reality: Waffen SS [Ru] Wolfmap.ru 2007

This standalone mod was developed by russian Quake fan community and using Doom 3 engine. Also it have ported models and animations from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. New game models: German soldiers, SS officers, aircrafts, missiles, weapons, and many other innovations, including sounds, textures, 5 new hardcore maps based on RtCW assets. The chronoportation lasted only a few seconds. How much time had really passed? An hour or a year? Or the millennium? Richard didn't know, but he was ready for anything. This battle-hardened marine confidently move forward, knowing that the only way he will have a chance to survive and back home. A small delay and his corpes will find the final resting place in another time loop.
Russian Full Demo (provided by Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 887MB

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