Quake 4: Unofficial Expansion Pack: The War For Kartis [Ru] Russian Project 2006

This is a standalone Russian mod of Quake 4. Kartis is a planetary belt on the border of human possessions. It is a strategic industrial complex and consists of 5 planets on which various types of industries flourish. In the first months of the war, mankind lost all control over this territory. After the capture of Kartis by aliens, half a year, people did not feel this loss, but the resources extracted in this sector of the galaxy are very important for us. The Council decided to send a fleet to this sector of the galaxy. To return our territories and industrial complexes. Your name is Weber, call sign MEDPAP (madpup). A common soldier of the Army of the Planetary Council. Serving in the landing 4 years, this is your first combat mission. A logical continuation of the original story of the game Quake 4. The war with the Stroggs flares up with a new force. A huge number of new maps, teeming with Strog troops. You are constantly provided support for your squad.
Russian Full Demo (provided by Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 2.60GB

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