Toys of War 2Bit Studios 2019

In an effort to turn the tide of war, the greatest military minds gather to plan their next great move. In a bunker deep underground, miniatures come alive on the war table, battling again and again until the best strategy has been discovered. This is a competitive action game where players take control of a variety of military vehicles and battle their friends across a range of unique game modes. Whether you pick the stalwart Tank or the speedy Humvee, it will take cunning strategy and a keen eye to blast your enemies into submission. A controller is highly recommended to play, and multiple controllers are required for local multiplayer. Features: 4 Player competitive multiplayer, either online or local; 11 unique game modes; 6 unique playable vehicles; AI Opponents of various difficulty levels to fill out games or play solo; A variety of maps and map themes; Full original soundtrack; Tutorial to learn or test each vehicle; Full controller support.
Download: None currently available

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