The Untold Story 1992

This TC by Bloody Max Software is one of the surprisingly few horror mods for Wolfenstein 3D, containing all of the weird creepiness that will come to be associated with Max's sets: the bizarre lighting, unsettling horror music, splatter film references and of course large amounts of blood and death. It's based on a 1993 Hong Kong movie of the same name. This game is one of the more impressive source-code hacked games seen recently. You can decapitate enemies with an ax or disembowel them with a mace. You can doge the bullets, which act like rockets now and so are blocked by objects. There are non-hostile people who run around like idiots, and masses of graphical enhancements to the game engine. You can even cause enemies to throw up, giving you a few seconds to get away - this game really isn't for the faint of heart. Beneath the undeniably flashy code-mod exterior, there is a lot of original material in here - including new enemy deaths, and some very well designed new weapons. Overall it feels to me that the game has it's own atmosphere not seen anywhere else. The maps, too, I found to be almost all large and designed to a good standard.
Download 1.5MB (uploaded by Mr. Lowe's )

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