Virtual Battlespace 2 Bohemia Interactive Australia 2007

Virtual Battlespace 2 is a fully interactive, three-dimensional training system providing a premium synthetic environment suitable for a wide range of military (or similar) training and experimentation purposes. Supporting rapid terrain development, VBS2 offers large, realistic terrain areas (up to 100km x 100km in size) with an unparalleled level of environmental realism.
VBS2 is a fully-featured training tool including after-action review capability, HLA/DIS compliance, and a comprehensive yet easy-to-use mission editor that allows any imaginable scenario to be created and also modified in real time. Mission design is improved with a new “point and click” interface and the capability to edit directly in 3D.
Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment (JCOVE) is a version of VBS 2 designed for the UK army. A Lite version has been released for free by Bohemia Interactive Australia in february 2010.
JCOVE Lite - Free Game 2.3GB (uploaded by
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