EscapeRoute JimDex 2019

A 2.5D platform game that will push your skills to the limit. Will you stand up against the robots and win your freedom back? Its going to be tough but it’s the only choice you have. Five levels of tense game play , Good looking graphics and a music that will get you into the action. You can play at any system (low or high end) by changing the graphic settings if needed. After you complete a level you can play it again at any time if you like. You can reset your progress at any time though this will not reset your top scores. This game supports GAMEPAD controls when in gameplay , you can connect your gamepad whenever you want or have it connected all the time, it still works. You should know that if you want to save your top scores (both of them) you should quit the game from the main menu. If you quit the game from anywhere else (pause menu for instance ) you will lose it. Can you destroy all the robots you will find in your way and get the highest score possible?
Download: None currently available

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