Browning Duck Hunting Club Valusoft 1998

Hunt Flocks of Birds in 4 Realistic Locations. Take flight with this incredible hunting experience. It will get your adrenaline flowing and your heart pounding as you test your hunting skills against several species of duck. Choose from a vast collection of calls and equipment to maximize your hunting experience.You can bag both drakes and hens at four unique duck clubs. Collect "Browning Bucks", and spend them wisely to progress from novice to expert, and go hunting at the most prestigious duck clubs. Use the proper calls and equipment to bag the ducks you want. You can hunt several species of ducks both drakes and hens on four different duck clubs. Learn to identify your ducks and bag those that give you the most points, so you can have enough money to go again. As you earn Browning Bucks, you can buy better equipment and go hunting at the more prestigious duck clubs. Make sure you obey the rules and regulations at each club so you don't get a fine, 'cause you'll run out of money and start all over. Features: Four Realistic Duck Clubs: Public grounds, Al's duck club, Green club, Millionaire club; Tools of the trade - Single shotgun, Browning auto gold hunter, Browning citori, Federal steel shot, Calls for the different ducks, decoys; Awesome Graphics - Actual photographs of some of the most productive marshes in North America; Interactive Hunting Experience.
included in The Hunting Lodge ISO Demo 279MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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