SHiRO 011 Bars Studios 2019

Early Access Release This is a 3rd person arena shooter that lets you compete with up to 7 players in online and local multiplayer battles. Eliminate your friends one by one or work together as a team to ensure your victory. Other than the max amount of 8 players per match there's no limits regarding team formation. All vs all, 1v1, uneven teams, everything's possible. Fast, chaotic, fun - Watch the battleground turn from a plain white canvas to a full blown Jackson Pollock painting while never losing sight of your opponents. One shot, one kill - No matter where you hit your opponent, every hit is deadly, so get the timing right and the battlefield will be yours. Bullet time - Create a timesphere around you to slow down everything within. Hunting enemies and dodging bullets at the same time has never felt so good. Last one standing - Every player enters the arena with 10 lives. Only one player/team will make it out alive. Additional game modes: Oddball - Chase the ball and try to hold it as long as you can. Each second will bring you closer to victory; Golden Shot - Reload after every shot except when you hit someone, which will grant you another free bullet.
Download: None currently available

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