Burned Ground, The DMD-SOFT 2019

Early Access Release Date: Aug This is an MMO-action game in which the last surviving participant wins. You will have a tense battle with more than 20 cars, with a unique design, equipped with different types of weapons.Fights will take place in large open world locations with a choice of day or night mode. Ammunition in the game is limited, but you can get more by destroying an opponent. There are also first-aid kits spread across the island to help you restore your health slightly. The goal of the "Battle Royale" is to destroy everyone and drive to the bunker and to avoid destruction from the laser beams. Only one car can fit inside the bunker at a time, all the others will be destroyed. In this game, there are also such game modes as: capture the flag, a classic shooter. You and your friends won't get bored. Some of the world's richest people, lovers of gambling, decided to create their own game . Invitations with a large monetary reward were sent to the best hired killers of the world. They were invited to the island and they were given modified cars equipped with all sorts of weapons. But they did not say that only one should survive this game. Play with friends and prove that you are the strongest... Be the Best. Multiplayer Battle Modes: Battle Royale - solo, duo, squad x4, 50x50 game modes, Capture The Flag, Classic, DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch. Unique cars: Over 20 heavily modified cars. Open World Locations with day and night game modes. Main features without in-app purchase.
Download: None currently available

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