Kill 'Em All AppRoarr Studios 2018

Bored of cover shooters? This is not just another zombie shooter. With miles to run but no place to hide and plenty of zombies to kill. Awesome no? What’s the story bro? Just another ordinary day in the life of... Ka-boom! (cliched random explosion). Voila! Instant Zombie Apocalypse. Campaign: Shoot through 10 mind-numbing, screen-shattering, keyboard-banging levels with a neat range of weapons that could probably annihilate the world as we know it. Can you complete them all? In time? Arcade: Survive through endless waves of flesh-eating zombies who don't stop and keep on coming. The faster and aggressive you are, the better. As you progress, you’re rewarded with weapon upgrades and ammo drops. The zombies keep on increasing - in number, in speed and damage. Question is, will you survive it all? Hidden Gems: There are easter eggs, big and small, hidden across the levels. Do they serve a purpose? Yes. It’s for us to know and for you to find out. Get busy hunting. Note: You Will Die A Lot. Features: Arcade Maps; Multiplayer Mode; "Be-the-Zombie" Mode; Controller Support; DLCs.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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