Just Cause 4: Daredevils of Destruction Avalanche Studios / Square Enix 2019

This is the first of three DLC in the Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass or can be purchased separately. Players will be able to call in 16 new weaponized vehicles at any moment to take on the might of the Black Hand across 15 new missions. The missions fall into one of three challenge modes. Survival sees players charge through a maze of landmines, wrecking balls, and rings of fire as they destroy obstacles and race through checkpoints in a race to survive. Run instead pits players against extreme weather as they perform high-speed stunts and take out their rivals in a bid for first place. Finally, Rampage does exactly what it says on the tin. Go on a rampage to cause carnage by exploding targets and rival opponents into oblivion. Success in each mission will gain the respect of rival gangs.
Download: None currently available

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