Brainwawe Dexterity Software 1997

This is a single player shareware game that is a sort of cross between Space Invaders and Galaxian. Though it looks like a space shoot 'em up the premise for the game is much closer to home. Nanobots have been surgically implanted into the player's brain to repair damage caused by watching too much television. However as they went about their work the nanobots achieved intelligence of their own and in order to survive they are now feeding on the player's brain. The good news is that the player's imagination has created a ship that will destroy the nanobots and so the battle commences. There are nine scenarios in the full game with three being made available in the shareware release. This is a keyboard controlled game with the arrows moving the ship left / right and the space bar firing the ship's weapon. These is no up/down movement. Once a wave of nanobots has been cleared the game displays the player's score before presenting the next wave which the game claims to configure by analysing the player's game style. Some nanobots leave a power crystal behind that, if captured, upgrades the players weapons. The game has sound, music, a high score table and re-definable keys.
Full Demos 883kb (uploaded by

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