WWII GI TNT Team / GT Interactive 1999

From the makers of NAM comes this game set during D-DAY. One is a G.I. who has contact with the NAZI soldiers with one of the first waves. At first you must struggle through the defense on the beaches of Normandy and later one is confronted on lonesome country roads with a sniper. There are 30 singleplayer game levels. WWII standard issue weapons include M1 Thompson, Mp-40 and BAR. There's up to 8 player multiplayer including 8 GI Match levels, 4 capture-the-flag levels, 4 fireteam levels and 14 co-operative levels. Keep an eye on your morale as it affects your shooting accuracy. Booze and smokes will keep your morale high. Destroy Panther tanks with TNT explosives, bazookas, and Anti-Tank Missile. Other enemies include the feared SS troops and Wehrmacht infantry armed with Mp-40s, Mauser rifles and heavy machine guns.

See also: #Platoon Leader

Partial Conversion
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Full Demo ~21MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo ~620MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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