Cockroach [Ru] Russobit-M 2000

This is an isometric action game in which, after taking control of one of the nine upright-walking cockroaches, we are to participate in a walking race, flavored with gunfights. The game has several levels on which the action will unfold. Here are present: very winding tracks with the absence of at least some lengthy empty sections and sides at the borders, beyond which there is a deadly swill of poisonous green color; traps triggered with a certain time interval, taking a fair share of health; bonuses accelerate, protect and kill (weapon); very poor contrast of the prevailing brown shades of the palette, due to which sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish what is happening on the screen. On these levels our cockroach and contenders move. The goal of each race depends on the chosen game mode - to complete the required number of laps the fastest, destroy the maximum number of enemies, or collect the most money. You can earn finances by passing checkpoints, picking up coins scattered around the level and killing opponents; Spending them relies on bonuses, since the improvements are not automatically selected, but rather they must first pay the value indicated under them. To achieve victory, it is more rational to use improvements in speed and protection, since one of the negative points in the characterization of local battles is the poorly implemented work of weapons, with almost every type. For example, a machine gun shoots with a huge spread, and the affected area of ​​the ax from the very beginning is substantially smaller than its visual size. Simply put, it is not interesting and inconvenient to fight here. But not only the arsenal and the specifics of its operation kills local battles. The second significant factor is artificial intelligence, not only disgustingly coping with finding ways and getting stuck in three pines, but also behaving unpredictably in fights: sometimes opponents voluntarily, willingly and massively run under the measured blade of our ax, and sometimes turn into terrible death machines. The latter occurs most often in the event that they manage to get effective weapons near the place of respawning of the dead participants. In such a situation, they simply stand on the spot and methodically shoot all the others, not giving them a chance to escape until the ammunition runs out. The remedy for such situations was invented long ago, and in “Cockroaches”it is also used: after rebirth, the character becomes invulnerable for a couple of seconds. But the problem is that this time is sorely lacking in order to run away to a safe distance. And here we go to the next big problem of the game - too slow a pace. Yes, all insects on the map move with such slowness that the game can be called a race (as the developers do) only in mockery. To overtake the computer opponent, given its stupidity, is not difficult; the only difficulty that can darken the triumphal procession to the finish is the obstacles on the map: the traps and the very toxic puddles. Another badly implemented element, control, is to blame for this. The fact is that the character is moved by the keyboard, while the aiming and attack is carried out with a mouse, but with periodically necessary movement sideways (strafe) for unknown reasons, the hero's deviation from the movement path is disproportionate to the angle of rotation of the body using the mouse. In the event that this happens near a dangerous area, sudden death may well overtake the unfortunate roach.
Russian ISO Demo 302MB (uploaded by

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