Immortal: Unchained - Storm Breaker Toadman Interactive 2019

The fall of Apexion was swift and brutal. The unstoppable hordes of Undead pierced the defenses of the outpost Storm Break, and continued their relentless invasion. Discover the truth of how this was possible in an all-new area of Immortal: Unchained, and eliminate the imposing threat. Storm Breaker is the first expansion to Immortal: Unchained, allowing you to visit new alien environments with undiscovered secrets guarded by new types of creatures, enemies and bosses. Additionally, the expansion features new sets of devastating weapons such as the Brightreaver. Forged in legendary times, Brightreaver is a devastating weapon that can single-handedly tear its victims to shreds using super-charged lightning. While it's range is limited, Brightreaver makes up for it in mere seconds once the enemy is within range. The additional chain lightning capabilities make this one of the most powerful weapons in all of the Cosmos. Features: New unique locations; New challenging enemies; New epic boss encounters; A brand-new set of weapons; And more.
Download: None currently available

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