Meteor 2 James Bunting 2004

This is the long awaited successor to Meteor. After the events in the prequel Meteor, Ash is now a colonel. But despite that he needs one again take to arms against terrorists. Two more secret bases have been captured by the terrorists and your boss suspects that there is a spy in the organisation. Two mayor differences from the previous game is that in this game the player can drive vehicles and have followers. If a vehicle breaks down a mechanic can fix it. The game features built in editors that allows the player to create mods and new levels for the game. This game was created using Allegro. Features: A new sector based terrain engine; 16 bit graphics with dynamic lighting; An advanced SeeR based scripting system; Fully integrated high quality editors and 100% modding support; The ability to drive stuff like tanks and helicopters whenever they are left unattended; High speed network support with coop, head to head and CTF modes (not in v1.0); A Stomping soundtrack by Simon of Trideja, Minomus and One Overlord; Support for MP3, MOD, S3M, XM and IT music file formats.
Free Game v1.30 54MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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