ZPC (Zero Population Count): No Flesh Shall Be Spared Zombie Entertainment / GT Interactive 1996

ZPC takes place in a futuristic first-person shooter environment where Arman must liberate the world from the Black Brethren, a crooked organization that has stripped citizens of their freedoms and littered buildings with their propaganda. Enemies include variations of foot soldiers and bureaucrats that swarm in droves, defending their evil empire. The hero is armed with Johnny 7, a weapon that evolves into a pistol, machinegun, shotgun, grenade launcher, electromagnetic rail gun and vaporizer. Where it differs from other shooters is that the main character uses chi force powers to flip switches, hit buttons, open doors, and jump. These powers make simple tasks difficult since he must look down and punch the floor to propel himself over hazards. Orbs must also be collected, and are few and far between. It runs on a modified version of Marathon 2's game engine and includes music by the industrial band the Revolting Cocks, and art by underground artist Aidan (KMFDM) Hughes.
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Level Demo 9Mb ( @ Download.com)
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Full Demo 42MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Update Patch ~0.4MB (created for 3DSL by loki1985 & upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 150MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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