Identity Sector Dynamicron LLC 2019

Early Access Release Welcome to the Identity Sector, mercenary. As a new recruit of the Asguardian mercenaries, it's up to you to take down the corrupt corporation known as the Defensive Initiative. Armed with your wits and a little help from back up clones of yourself, save the Niddhog sector and bring stability to the region. However; the Defensive Initiative has some dirty tricks up its sleeve, be prepared for anything. It's a side-scrolling action adventure where you have to navigate platforming challenges and combat situations. Create your own mercenary from multiple alien races. Be a gruff Human, an elegant Elf, a sly Kasha, an ancient Immortal, or many other possible races, each with their own abilities. Equip your mercenary with heavy arms and armor, or light weight outfit with nimble swords. You pick the gear that suits you best. Keep an eye out for secret areas, you may find the best gear there. Help the locals of the Niddhog sector and be rewarded for your efforts, you might even discover dark and terrible secrets. Explore the Niddhog sector on the IDPC1000. Pick where you want to go and drop in, fight hostile monsters and Defensive Initiative agents. See exotic locations like the eerie Tomb World, the cyperpunk diplopia of Neo-Hive, or the endless rolling grassy hills of Gorm. Couch co-op with your buddies in the main story, or show your skill as you versus in the arena.
Download: None currently available

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