M.A.R.S.: A Ridiculous Shooter Simon Schneegans and Felix Lauer 2010

This is a first attempt to create a game in OpenGL with SFML. It is a game for two players, flying with ships in a two-dimensional space setting, governed by the laws of gravity. In year 3547, civilizations all over the galaxy have settled their own planets, living in peace and harmony with its environment. But outside the contemplative habitats, the GREAT WAR is raging. As a famous fighter on your way to never ending honor and prosperity, you have to protect your planet from the oncoming doom of your jealous neighbours. Fight the battle, a true hero as you are was born for: SPACEBALL. Protect your planet from the sphere of death and defeat your enemies by letting it crush into their ridiculous globe. The negotiations have failed. Both of you and your neighbours had to record enormous losses in conclusion of the abiding GREAT WAR. As a last attempt of gaining the upper hand, you are ordered to decimate your enemy’s resources and to protect your own one’s. The only way to do so is an epic TEAMDEATHMATCH. Protect your comrades and destroy your enemies. As the GREAT WAR reduces your resources drastically, scientists were engaged to find a way of efficiently destroying your enemy by limiting the given input. They did a lot of research and eventually created a new weapon with an incredible property: It kills instantly, but launched projectiles are really affine to any gravitation and they’re quite difficult to handle. Therefore they called it: INSTA-GRAVE. Unfortunately someone stole the technology, so your enemies can use this evil weapon, too. Now it is your turn: Defeat those thieves in the great GRAVE-ITATION-PIT to regain the upper hand. Win this battle, and the victory of the GREAT WAR may be yours. As if the GREAT WAR was not enough, your planetary system is threatened by a new source of incredible evilness: A giant ship of unknown invaders is levitating over your galaxy, aiming on the home planets with a monolithic weapon of mass destruction. As a sign of cynicism, the attackers dropped a remote control to adjust this provenance of death and fear. Reach it first to turn your enemy’s home planet into a place of desolation. Be the CANNONKEEPer. As a result of the GREAT WAR you have lost everything: your home, your family and your self-esteem. Your last chance to get out of the miserable life you are stuck in, is to become a gladiator in the glorious DEATHMATCH-arena. Resist the other fighters and earn points by destroying the nutshells, they call ships. Features: awesome 2D-graphics with an unique style and shader support; a stunning amount of particles; single- and multiplayer-support; artificial intelligence using an aggro-system, which reacts differently upon varying situations and uses inter-bot communication via jobs; many impressive weapons and specials; customizable ships; a very sexy GUI; support for many different languages.
Free Game - Alpha v0.7.4 72MB (uploaded by Sourceforge)

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