Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Inti Creates Co. Ltd. 2019

This is a side-scroll action game with elements of a platformer, representing a series that draws heavily on the achievements of the Mega-Man cycle. It takes us on a journey into the future. The main character of the game is known from the previous parts of the Copen series, who, although not an Adept (a man gifted with supernatural abilities), thanks to advanced technology and excellent knowledge of martial arts also deserves to be called an effective and dangerous soldier. The hero is once again forced to roll up his sleeves and face numerous dangers. We observe the action from the side. In the course of dynamic gameplay, we pass through levels and eliminate hosts of enemies, among which oversized bosses lead the lead. In clashes with them we use both weapons, as well as advanced technology and the help of Lola - a combat robot following Copen. It is worth noting that thanks to the experience gained and the resources left by the defeated opponents, the protagonist gradually increases his combat potential; over time he can cope with increasing threats.
Download: None currently available

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