Airranger Chesstar studios 2019

This is a bow and arrow multiplayer game. Nothing in usual in the realm of conventional gaming, sure, but it makes for one of the best VR game with a headset donned. You can move around or fly to the sky, as well as use your unique bow and arrow weapon to defeat all your opponents in your own way - only the last one standing can win. Features: 1. New Experience - Move with the arrow. When you shoot out an Arrow, you will move with it, and you can shoot another one when you are moving. So if you’re trying to jump into incredible worlds and take your adventure to the next level of immersion, you’re in the right spot. 2. Wonderful Combat Experience - an interactive 3D game that will rise your adrenaline. You must scavenge resources Join every battle and defeat them all just so you can show everyone that you are the best. Know your opponent, anticipating his every move and not let him win. Enjoy the latest VR game. 3. A Variety of Weapons And Equipment With Different Characteristics - Short Bow, Scatter Bow, Repeating Bow, Sniper Bow, Composite Bow, Stun bow, each bow has its special place. Energy shield, protective helmet and armor can protect you. Balance bar allows you to get a more accurate aiming system. Energy module can make your bow more powerful. 4. A variety of powerful arrows - Explosive arrow, frozen arrow, fire arrow, are very valuable combat resources. How to use them skillfully can help you win the game. 5. Free Collocation of Weapons in the Store - You can buy a variety of clothes, hats, gloves, arrow skin, arrow tails, flight effects, etc. in the store to make you different. Open the supply package, you can get various items in the store. 6. Various Game Modes - (1) Battle Royale mode (alone) - Single game supports 10 people to fight together, who is the last strong final winner. (2) Battle Royale mode (with a friend in a duo) - double team joins the battle, when the teammate falls to the ground, you can rescue him and continue to fight. (3) War mode - Smaller map, faster pace, you can be resurrected after death, the battle can be extremely intense. (4) Bomb mode - You can only shoot the explosion arrow, use the shock wave of explosive arrow to destroy the opponent. (5) Guardian mode (new) - Guarding human refuge, eliminating all kinds of zombies, team spirit and skillful manipulation can save you more humans. (6) Team Deathmatch mode (new). (7) Custom mode(new).
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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